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Buying Bags In Ebay
The Absolute Guide to Buying Authentic Designer Purses on eBay
Handbag lovers on a budget, rejoice. Itís possible to score a great deal on eBay! Here are 7 tips to keep in mind if your goal is to avoid the fakes and purchase a 100% authentic luxury handbag.
Woc Preview
Comparing Designer Chain Wallets and Clutches

Which wallet on chain would you choose?

Chanel doesnít have the monopoly on fabulous wallets on chain. We present other more affordable alternatives, from Prada down to Rebecca Minkoff.
Cyber Monday 2015 Registration Small
When is Cyber Monday 2015?
Find out when to go online for the big Cyber Monday designer sale this 2015.
Preview John Paul Ataker
Donít Miss: John Paul Ataker Sample Sale
Get insider information on the most-awaited evening wear sample sale.

Prada Preview
Spot a Fake Prada (With Photos)

A visual guide to authenticating a Prada purse

Our Prada expert helps us emerge unscathed from a minefield of knockoffs, showing us detailed picture of the luxurious details that make a handbag authentic. Read on if you suspect that your bag (or your friend's) might be fake.

Handmade Birkin Preview
The Price of an Hermes Birkin

If you have to ask how much the Hermès Birkin is, you probably can’t afford it…or can you? Our shopping detectives have summarized the ultimate price list so you can assess if you’re ready to invest in this iconic handbag.

Chanel Beige Nude And Black Ballerina Flats
Expensive Shoes You Can Afford
Some designer shoes cost more than your monthly mortgage, but are they really worth it? We asked our style spies to walk in some expensive pairs for at least 6 months so we can tell you which styles you should invest in, and which ones you should ignore.

Manolo Vs Louboutin Preview
Louboutin vs Blahnik - Which are More Comfortable?

If you are spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of heels, you should be able to walk and stand in them for long periods of time. We have asked the experts to determine which designer shoes are most comfortable shoes for specific foot types. See which glass slippers fit you.



Versace Black 54mm Polarized Round Sunglasses


Black Polarized Round Sunglasses - Sale
(30% off)
Alice And Olivia Neon Pink And Yellow Gleeson Dip Dye Cashmere Sweater

Alice and Olivia

Neon Pink & Yellow Gleeson Dip Dye Sweater - Sale
(40% off)
Valentino Havana 53mm Cat Eye Sunglasses


Havana Cat Eye Sunglasses - Sale
(30% off)
Alice And Olivia Off White Priscilla Shirtdress

Alice and Olivia

Off White Priscilla Shirtdress - Sale
(30% off)
Salvatore Ferragamo Wine Gancio 61mm Butterfly Sunglasses

Salvatore Ferragamo

Wine Gancio Butterfly Sunglasses - Sale
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